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Mark Weeter M.Cr.Photog. CPP.

Mark has been photographing professionally since 1975. He began his career photographing weddings and portraits in Western Pennsylvania and quickly became the one of the most sought after photographers in the region. As his career advanced Mark received many local, state, regional and national awards including Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsmen from Professional Photographers of America. Mark has traveled widely lecturing on Photography to professional groups across North America. He worked with Eastman Kodak as an industry consultant for many years during the implementation of digital imaging to professional photography. Mark lives in the Florida Keys full time with the love of his life, June and together they manage Touch of Key West Photography.   Underwater Photography has become a large part of Marks offering over the last several years. Applying many of the basic, sound principals of photography to his underwater imaging, Mark creates unique and stunning images of Reef Life in the Florida Keys. Mark offers classes and seminars on all aspects of wedding, portrait and underwater Photography.

You may contact him at mark@touchofkeywest.com 305-849-4302

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